People with addictions need treatment, not punishment. One to two Oregonians die from drug overdoses every day, sometimes while waiting to get into treatment. For people with addictions, this is a matter of life or death. 

Criminalizing addiction makes many people struggling with addictions too fearful to reach out for help, and even a low-level possession charge can saddle them with a criminal record that can prevent them from obtaining housing, employment, professional licenses and more. People with addictions need help not punishment. That’s why healthcare providers, educators, racial justice leaders, parents, law enforcement officials, and other Oregonians throughout the state agree: it’s time for a more humane, effective approach to addiction.

That’s why this November, we will be voting yes on this measure!

Add Your Name

Aaron Barber-Strong

Aaron Cazares
Business Owner

Abby Ecker
Student—Macalester College

Abby Place

Adrian Tannler
Owner, Pharmfresh

Ailene Farkac
Social Worker

Albert Robinson

Alexia DeLeon
Ph.D., NCC, Mental Health Counseling-Addictions Specialist

Alexis Lanham
Former Treatment Aid, Eugene

Alexandra Appleton
PDX, Social Service Consumer & Provider

Alexandra Elizabeth Kiesling
Medical Student

Alex Marin
Gas Attendant

Alex Riedlinger
Africa House

Alison Duren-Sutherland
Aspirant to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry

Ailiah Schafer
Case Manager II, Corvallis Housing First

Alissa Kummer
Healthcare Student

Alison Axland

Allie Collins
Impact Northwest

Allison Brinkhorst
Development Associate, Ecotrust

Alison Duren-Sutherland

Alison Perry
Veteran Recovery Ranch

Alma Hartmna

Alton Roundy
Clinical Director, Sandy Counseling Center

Amanda Antenucci
Behavioral Health Director, Outside In

Amanda Marshall
Former US Attorney, McMinnville

Amanda Yampolsky

Amanda Zentz-Alo
Pastor, Central Lutheran

Amber Langston
Business Consultant

Amelie Rousseau
St. Helens High School CTE Teacher

Amity May Calvin
Fourth-Year Medical Student

Amy Bauldree
Office Administrator

Amy Cuddy
Philanthropic Advisor, Oregon Community Foundation

Amy Garrett
Community Health Advocate

Amy Henry
Educator and Counselor, Benson Polytechnic High School

Amy Kammerer

Amy Wagner
Alcohol & Drug Specialist, Outside In

Anabel Reyes
Social Worker, Medford

Andrea Salinas
Oregon State Representative

Andrew Clay
Peer Recovery Mentor

Andrew Marshall
Coach, Embody The Practice

Andrew Molitor

Andy Nelson
Executive Director, Impact Northwest

Andy Miller
Executive Director, Human Solutions, Inc.

Andrew Olshin

Andy Siemens
Medical Student

Angela Darrow
Teacher, McMinnville Schools

Angie Morrill
PPS Director of Indian Programs

Anicka Oyer Meyers
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Anita Ward
CRM, Womenfirst Transition and Referral

Anna Ayala
Medical Student

Annabelle Herbert

Anna Debenham
Executive Director, The Insight Alliance

Anna Hermes

Anna Knierim
Social Worker

Anna Nelson
Regulatory Program Manager, Pacific NW Transplant Bank (OHSU)

Anna Rhodes
Elementary School Teacher, Redmond

Annabelle Neininger

Annalicia Whittaker

Ann King

Ann Tseng

Ann Robinson

Ann Thomas

Ann Witsil

Anthony Cacibauda
OHSU Nursing student

Anthony Johnson
Chief Petitioner, Drug Reform Policy Advocate

Anthony Medina
Oregon School Boards Association Board Members of Color Caucus, Woodburn School Board

Anthony Noble
VP of Operations and BD at Molen Services

Antoinette Edwards
Portland Office of Youth Violence Prevention (retired)

Anudeep Dewan
Asian Family Center

Anya Valsamakis

Araceli Crus
Higher-ed administrator

Ariana Stuart

Arielle Bloom
College Student

Arnie Roblan
Oregon State Senator

Ashleigh Adams

Ashley Atwood
Substance Abuse and Crisis Counselor, Neahkahnie High School, Tillamook County

Ashley Dorety
Server, Famous Daves

Aysa Klocke

Audrey Cole
Private Nanny

Audrey Shapiro

Audrey Voon
Owner, Audrey Voon Music LLC

Avi Davis
Counseling Student, Harm Reductionist

B. Hoyt

Barb Macon
Health teacher, Portland Public Schools

Barbara Gicking
Physician Assistant Legacy

Barbara Grafton

Barbara Rhode

Bear Wilner-Nugent

Becca Gilbert
Sustainability Educator, The Environmental Center

Becca Uherbelau
Executive Director, Our Oregon

Benjamin Brubaker
Administrative Coordinator, White Bird Clinic

Bethany Taft

Beth Barker-Hildalgo
Executive Director, The Curry Homeless Coalition

Beth Talmage

Betsy Elizabeth Lattig
Youth Grow Educator, Growing Gardens

Beverly Stein
Former Multnomah County Chair

Bill Brooks

Bill Graupp
Oregon School Boards Association Board Members of Color Caucus, No. Marion School Board

Bill O'Brien

Billie Andrade
Treatment and Recovery Service Provider

Blanca Gutierrez
Teacher, Rogue Valley

Blossem De Groat

Bob Bailey

Bo Bonotto
Community Leader, Bend

Bob Hornstein
Director of Community Relations, Jewish Federation

Bobbie Regan
Former Long-Time Portland School Board Member

Bobby Byrd
Community Organizer

Bradley Buchheit
MD and Addiction Medicine Specialist

Breana Evans
Breana Evans, LPC Teen and Family Therapist

Breanna Stoops

Briana Correa

Briana Graham
Naturalist, Curious By Nature

Brian Vik

Brie Hiller
Ivy School

Brit White

Br. Matteson

Bryce Baker
Forest Grove Resident

Brandi Jordan
Impact Northwest

Brandon David Bencomo
Business Owner, Medford

Brandon Scott

Brandy Hathaway

Brent Canode
Executive Director, The Alano Club of Portland

Brian David Bencomo
ER medical provider, Rogue Valley

Bridget Bassett
RN, In Recovery

Bruce Schacht

Byron Umphress

C. Giles

Caitlin Carlini
Wraparound Youth Partner, Youth ERA

Camden Beeghly
Survey Analyst, Quantum Spatial Inc.

Cameron Fisher
OHSU Medical Student

Cami Bean

Candi Balabon
Outreach Mentor, Bridges to Change

Carla Gay
Director of Innovation & Partnerships, Gresham Barlow School District

Carla Piluso
Oregon State Representative, former Chief of Police, Gresham

Carmen Rubio
Latino Network, Portland City Commissioner Elect

Carol Wagner

Carrie Tilton-Jones

Casey Bieberich

Cassandra Kasten-Arias
Medical Student

Cassandra Salazar
Admin 1 Ivy Charter school

Cassie O'Neil

Catherine Cooney

Catherine Quarles
5 Star Staffing

Catherine Smith
Coach and Counselor

Catherine Ellison M.D.
Retired Neurologist, The Oregon Clinic

Cathy Kuehnl

Cathy Rakers
Pharmacist at Outside In

Cara Greene

Cecil Prescod
Minister of Faith Formation, Ainsworth United Church of Christ

Cecilia Flores

Chaela Manning
Owner, Lucky Cat Consulting

Chandra Clarke

Chanell Mayes

Chani-Claire Moran
RN Student, OHSU

Charleen Justice

Charles Langford

Charlie Crawford
Homeless Outreach Worker

Charlotte Stuart

Chayo Cervantes
Community Activist, Rogue Valley

Chelsea Cates

Cheryl Navaroli
Housing Navigator, Rebuild Women First

Chevy Nash

Chip Lazenby

Chloe Lundabolt
Information and Assistance Specialist, Impact NW

Chloe Pete
Clinical Social Worker

Chris Coughlin
Legislative Director, Children First for Oregon

Chris Rubidoux
School Counselor

Chrissy Johnson

Chris Smith
Candidate for Metro Council

Christian Berk
Community Organizer

Christian Eickelberg

Christina Castellano

Christine Lentz

Christopher Ewing
Peer Mentor

Chris Gorsek
Oregon State Representative

Christie Hill

Christopher Keith

Chris Laskowski
Sys Admin / Viewpoint

Christopher Schiel
COO, Rare Industries / Quill

Cindy Jensen

CJ Robbins
Executive Director, Black Male Achievement

Clark Miller
LCSW, CADC III, Researcher and Psychotherapist

Claudia Little
Moms United/Nurse Practitioner, Ashland

Claudio Rigo De Righi

Clifford Spencer

Cody Plagmann
Cannabis Activist, Ganjapreneur, Cannabis Consulting

Colby Tylosky
Computer Scientist

Colleen Sinsky
Program Manager, Central Oregon FUSE (Frequent User System Engagement)

Connie Yost
Board President, Farm Worker Ministry Northwest
Community Minister, West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Connor Lane
Pharmacy Technician

Conor Morrison
ED Tech we Asante

Cosima Miller

Court Morse
Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, Prosper Portland

Courtney Cunningham
Principal at Glint Creative

Deren Ash
La Pine Park & Recreation District Board Member

Dakota Stevens

Dale Combes

Damon Motz-Storey
Program Director, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dana Button
Medical Student

Dana Greenblatt
COYCC Crew Leader - Heart of Oregon Corps

Dan Werb
UCSD Drug Researcher

Daniel Altamirano Hernandez
Centro Cultural de Washington County

Daniel Vice
Veteran & Registered Nurse

Danna Richkun
Psychiatric RN, Mother, Families for Sensible Drug Policy/ Moms United

Dave Trost

David Barrett
Case Manager

David Frias
Postmates Driver

David Knierim
Postmates Driver

David Lawrence
MD, Addiction Medicine Physician

David Mee
Peer Recovery Mentor, Medford

David Nieslanik
Principal, Southridge High School

David Porter

David Pogorski
Kitchen Manager

David Saul

David Rief
Doctor And Milwaukie Spine and Sport

David Rutten

Dawn Nelson
Accounting Ces

Dawn Nelson

Dean Sandoval

Debi Pierce
Crew Member, Trader Joe’s

Debora Brockamp

Debra Higbee-Sudyka
Real Estate Manager/Owner

Debra Wollesen

Delia Hammond
Business Owner

Denise Donohue
School Crisis Counselor, Tillamook District #9

Dennis Morrow
Executive Director, Janus Youth Programs

Denny Doyle
Mayor, City of Beaverton

Deputy Sheriff Paul Steigleder
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (retired)

Devon Downeysmith
Peer Recovery Mentor

Diane Linn
Executive Director, Proud Ground

Dmitriy Kovalenko

Dominic Lopez
Chair PAC Board AFSCME Council 75; Basic Rights Oregon

Don Jose
Restaurant Owner, Phoenix

Donna Goswick

Donell Morgan
Ex Dir, Elevate Oregon

Dori Best de Cantu
Therapist, La Clinica

Dorinda Kelley

Dorothy Lundeen
Mother of Addicted Child in Prison

Doug Macbeth
Bend Detox

Doug McVay
Drug Policy Researcher

Doug Nelson
Retired Superintendent, Bend LaPine School District

Doug Wells
National Director, Boys & Girls Club

Dr. Adie Ray

Dr. Alexa de Leon
Addiction Medicine, Lewis & Clark College Graduate School

Dr. Alicia Moreland
Addiction Psychiatrist, OHSU ED Avel Gordly Center for Healing

Dr. Andy Seaman
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health and Sciences University

Dr. James Hiu
Deputy Superintendent, Gresham-Barlow School District

Dr. Joel Rice
Addiction Psychiatrist, Blue Mountain Associates

Dr. Joshua Boverman
Medical Directory & Psychiatrist, Wallaway Valley Center for Wellness

Dr. Kelsi Manley, MD

Dr. Kerri Hecox
Oasis Center of Rogue Valley

Dr. Matt Chan, MD
MAT Clinical Director at OHSU Family Medicine at Scappoose Clinic

Dr. Rebecca Cantone
Founding Medical Director of an Outpatient Treatment Program

Dr. Rick Bayer MD
Chief Petitioner of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act of 1998

Dr. Shay James
Asst Superintendent,
North Clackamas School District

Dr. Todd Korthius
Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dylan Hausam
Farmer, Self Employed

D.Paul Stanford
President, The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation Medical Clinic

Ed Blackburn
Executive Director, Central City Concern (Retired)

Edward Davie

Edward Kushner

Elaina Foley
Student, Yale University

Ellie Schmidt
Medical Student

Eilidh Lowery
United Methodist Pastor, Sellwood Faith Community

Elijah Bliss
Organizing Director, FuturePAC

Elizabeth Batiuk

Elizabeth Fletcher
Counselor, Eagle Point High School

Elizabeth Hess
Adjuster, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Kaufman
Campaign Director

Elizabeth McPhee
Registered Nurse, OHSU

Elizabeth O'Connor
Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research

Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Oregon State Senator and Family Physician

Elizabeth Stocker
Grants Administrator, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Elona Dellabough-Gormley
Nurse & Harm Reductionist

Elona Wilson
Organizer, Stand for Children

Emilie Junge
Attorney and Investigator

Emily Broadwell

Emily Fanjoy
Health Progams Coordinator, Tides of Change

Emily Lane
Medical student

Emily Schorzman

Emily Weinstein
Medical Student, OHSU

Emily Winslow
Behavioral Health Manager, Outside In

Esther Rogers

Eric Burnette
Retired Merchant Marine, Hood River

Edil Hassan

Eric Deitrick

Erica Alexia Ladesma
Latinx Story Project, Rogue Valley

Erica Maronwski

Eric Koszyk
Massage Therapist, Self Employed

Eric Lambart

Erica Ledesma
Career Program Specialist, Ashland

Erika Bucio
Community Organizer, Unite Oregon

Erik Swallow
Umpqua Valley Public Defender

Erin DeLong
Residential Counselor, Cascadia Behavioral Health

Erica Maranowski

Erin McConaghy
Multnomah County

Eva Davis
Medical Student

Evan Lasley

Fayda Abdulmunem
Home Care Worker

Finigan Reuter
Broista at a Dutch Bros

Forrest Kollar
Self Employed

Francis Ty
Analyst - BICP

Francisco Villa
Business Owner, Medford

Frankie DiFerdinando
Director, Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services

Gabriel Swiderski
Social Studies and Substitute Teacher

Gabriela Teodorescu
Rogue Community Health

Gail Nelson
Chief Executive Officer,
Rhinehart Clinic, North Coast

Gaile Parker
BS, CRM, Peer Recovery Mentor

Gail Pearlman

Galen McVey
Clinical Field Specialist

Garrett Fields
Person in Recovery, Medford

Gary Cobb
Treatment and Recovery Service Provider

Gaye Chapman
Teacher, Cleveland High School

Gene Zaharie
Social Activist

Genevieve Nelson

Geneva Sherman

George T. Nicola

Georgine Benner
Counselor, McMinnville School District

Gia Naranjo-Rivera
MPA, MA, Johns Hopkins School of Public Heath;
Peace in Schools

Gigi DeRoin

Gilbert Carrasco
Professor of Law, Willamette University College of Law

Gina Norman

Giuseppe Amato

Gloria Clifford

Gloria Nino-Luna
Student at University of Oregon

Glyceria Tsinas
Co-Founder, Academy of Perinatal Harm Reduction

Grace Ann Marrinan

Grace Clark
Medical Student

Grace Lanaras, RN

Graham Boyd
Founding Director,
ACLU’s Drug Law Reform Project

Gregory Allen Brown
Veteran, Peer Support Specialist, Medford

Gretchen Braatz
Esthetician, Self-Employed

Gwenn Cody

Gwen Hadland

Hanah Cronin
Graduate Student, child of a recovering addict

Hannah Ferber

Hannah Regitz

Hannah Reynolds
Teacher and Coach of Speech & Debate Team,
Neahkahnie High School, Tillamook County

Hannah Slater
MPH, Family Nurse Practitioner Student

Hannah Smith
Health and Wellness Coordinator

Haven Wheelock
Chief Petitioner,
Director of Harm Reduction, OutsideIn

Heather Bugayong
Outside In

Heather Townsend

Heidi Hug

Helena Hopewell
Stay at home mom

Herbert Rothschild Jr.
Clerk, Peace & Social Concerns Committee, South Mountain Friends Meeting

Henry Waldvogel

Hiag Brown
GIFT - Gang Impacted Family Team; Men Building Men

Honora-Bright Aere

Honorato Camacho
Restaurant Owner, Phoenix

Hubert Mathews
Central City Concern LEAD Program Manager

Ian Waite

Inge Fryklund
Former Assistant State's Attorney
Board Treasurer, Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Irynne Padua
Health Teacher, Benson High School

Israel Salinas
Retail Business Owner, Central Point

Ivey Jamison

J. Ashlee Albies
Civil Rights Attorney

J. Miles
Social Worker

Jacqueline McClure

Jacob Hunt
Mental Health and Addictions Counselor

Jaime Rodriguez
American Federation of Teachers

Jairo Leiva
Pastor, Iglesia Monte de Sion, Medford

James Conway
LMFT (Oregon & California), Self Employed Addiction Treatment, Education

James Cook
Central Oregon Homeless Leadership Coalition

James McCandlish
Attorney Self

James Zehren

Jamie Leinbach
Owner, Jack Club, LLC

Jan Boal
Lincoln County Health and Human Services

Jane Civiletti

Jane Kristen Brolsma
Retired Educator

Janice Medvin

Janie Gullickson
Executive Director, Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon

Jared Zeigler
Director, Greycourt & Co. Inc

Jason Phillips

Jax Cerezo

Jay Bloom
Retired Non Profit Executive

Jay Waldron

Jaydra Perfetti

Jaylen Schmitt

Jeannelle Kline
Disease Intervention Specialist and Crisis Therapist

Jean Semrau

Jeff Leifer

Jennifer Emme

Jennifer James
In Recovery

Jennifer Harper
Service Provider for People with Disabilities, Jackson County

Jennifer Nice
Linfield University

Jennifer Stout
CEO Bates Group LLC

Jenny Lee
Deputy Director, Coalition of Communities of Color

Jen Nyburg
Head of Hospitality, J Wrigley Vineyards

Jenny Manzanares
Recovery Peer

Jennie Sandler

Jeremy Foisy

Jessica Andrade
Fisheries Lab Technician

Jessica Gregg
MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, OHSU

Jessica Herbert

Jessica Katz
Program Director, YWCA of Greater Portland

Jessica Pedersen
LMT, Grande Ronde Chiropractic Clinic

Jessica Richman

Jessica Sinacori
Flow Through Therapy

Jessica Yoon
Graphic Designer - Campus Marketing Specialist

Jessie Wallace
Medical Student

Joanne Milynn

Judi Pitre
Home Forward (retired) Deputy ED Resident Services and Community Relations

Jill Burnette
Small Business Owner, Hood River

Jill Eckenrode
President, Silly Jilly’s Funny Hunny

Jill Phillips

Jim Labbe
Internal Operations Director, Participatory Budgeting Oregon

Jim Swirczynski

Jim Yarbrough

Jo Strom Lane
Teacher, Roosevelt High School

Jo Spear

Joan Ayala
Peer Support Specialist, Tillamook

Joan Goldhammer

Joan Snyder

Joanne Millynn James
Retired Realtor

Jody Kim-Eng

Joe McFarrin
President/CEO of Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center and Rosemary Anderson High School

John Allan
Instructor, Portland Community College

John David

John Dresser
Retired Psychologist, D&A Prevention/Intervention Program Research

John Hummel
Deschutes County District Attorney

John Imon Pedtke
Analyst PEC

John Nettleton

John Wilhelmi
Former Portland Public Schools High School Principal

John Tyler

Johnnie Corrie
Musician & CAD Draftsperson

John Young

Jon Reeves
Independent Business Owner

Josie Patterson
Youth Engagement Specialist, Outside In

Joseb Gomez
Business Advisor, Hacienda CDC

Joseph Gullo
Student at University of Oregon

Joseph Snyder

Josh Hinerfeld
CEO, Firestone Pacific Foods

Jorge Rodas
Pastor, Iglesia Principe De Paz

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Metro Councilor, Centro Cultural

Juanita Garnow

Judi Lawson

Judith Farrow

Judith Lienhard
Canyon Med Center, Independent Contractor

Judge Judith Matarazzo
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Judy Greig Lawson

Julia Lininger-White

Julianna Lucisano
LCSW, Women's Healthcare Associates

Julia Scanlon
Scenic Artist, IATSE 488

Julia Woolf

Julie Farnham

Justin Low
Criminal Defense Paralegal and Consultant

Justin Martin
Grand Ronde Tribe

Justine Pope
Harm Reductionist

K. Kendall
Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Kahlia Ventura
Inpatient Treatment Supervisor

Kaia Sand
Homeless Advocate

Katerine Bensching
MD, General Internist

Kathleen Alberque

Kathleen O'Day

Kathleen Simcox
Self-Employed Artist

Kathryn Wolff
Recently retired PPS High School Counselor

Katie Buerk
Medical Student, OHSU

Katie Chickadonz

Katie Messelt

Katie Ross
Katie Ross Art

Katrina Doughty
Clackamas County Public Health

Kat Santiago
Imaging Assistant

Kalen Forsberg

Karen Cain

Karen Hall

Karson Hardy
Business Owner, Rogue Valley

Karen Kelley
Business Owner

Karen Meurer
Executive Director, PHOENIX Rising Transitions

Kaseja Wilder
Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Eugene, Oregon

Kate Allen
Social Worker on Special Assignment (SWOSA), Portland Public Schools

Kate Rafter
Dance Artist

Kathleen Swift
Senior Vice President, Heritage Bank

Kathy McCollum
High Desert Ed Service District (ESD), Deschutes/Crook Co

Katherine Pape

Katie Frederick
MPA, Nonprofit Fundraiser

Kara Dokos

Kayli Meerten
Special Education Instructional Assistant,
Eagle Point High School

Kayl Miller
UPS Dispatch Supervisor

Kayse Jama
Executive Director, Unite Oregon

Keith Edwards
First African American President of IBEW

Keith Stone
Small Business Owner, North Coast

Kelli Rhea
Principal, Oregon City School District

Kelli Thompson

Kelly Clendenon

Kelly Poe
Malheur ESD Director of Early Learning

Kelsey C. Priest
PhD, MPh, Opioid Treatment and Policy Researcher

Kelsi Knavel
Program Supervisor, Multnomah County Health Department

Kelsi Manley

Kenton Wiens
Owner, Dialog Design

Kenneth McGee Jr.
Youth Outreach Leadership Intern

Kevin Cazeault

Kevin Ellis

Kevin Fitts
Executive Director, Oregon Mental Health Consumers Association

Kevin Modica
Portland Police (retired)

Kori Newton

Korinna Wolfe
Portland Public Schools

Kortney Smith
Mother in recovery

Krista Hoffman

Kristen Fleming

Kristin Dickerson
Healthcare Advocate

Kyla Schmitt
Mayoral Deputy Campaign Manager

Larissa Kiyak-Boughton

Larry Morningstar

Larry Trott

Lainey Chi

Larissa Chan
Jay Inslee’s Campaign

Larisa Zimmerman
Owner, Peregrine Relocations

Laura Matthiessen
Retired Teacher

Laurali Hudgins
RN, Providence Portland

Laura Francois

Lauren Wollmuth

Laurie Cuddy
Dyslexia Specialist, Self-Employed

Layla Assem
Muslim Chaplain

Leah Wessler
Student/Marine Science, Lighthouse Diving Center

Lee Davis

Leeor Schweitzer

Lee Mercer
Health Care Advocate, Marion County

Leland Berger
Attorney at Law and Owner, Oregon CannaBusiness Compliance Counsel, LLC

Leslie Caplan

Leslie Corlis
MPH, Health Care Program Manager

Lester Maurer

Libra Forde
COO, Self-Enhancement Inc / North Clackamas School Board

Lilly Nickerson
RN, Addiction Medicine Nurse, Columbia County and the coast

Lily Johnson

Lily Lines
Nursing Student

Linda Chance

Linda Peng

Linda Ybarra

Lisa Collins
Educational Consultant
Director, Education Through Engagement

Lisa Gettig
Retired Educator, Bend and Salem

Lisa Hull

Lisa McCall
Asst Superintendent Tigard/Tualatin School District

Lisa Mokarzel

Lisa Wooden
Self Employed/Massage Therapist

Lise Hull

Lizbeth Rivero

Loraine Weers
RN, Cascadia Behavioral Health

Lorenzo Johnson Jr.
Certified Recovery Mentor

Lori Theros
Klamath City School Board, Klamath Intensive Case Worker

Lorna Fast Buffalo Horse
Portland Public Schools

Lucila Gonzes

Lupita Maurer
Product Specialist at Polar Instruments, Inc.

Lynda Chick
Registered nurse, Nehalem, Board member of Healthcare Association of Oregon

Lynelle Gamage
Evergreen Public Schools

Lyn Jacobs
MD, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Maddie Hider

Madeline Gibson

Madeline Martinez
Latinx retired corrections officer

Magdalena Bartkus
Medical Student, OHSU

Maggie Edmiston

Malia Lewis
Trilogy Recovery Community, Recovery Support Ally & Advocate

Marcel Liberge

Marcia Danab

Margaret Adams

Margaret Whiting
Mental Health Counselor, Neahkahnie High School, Tillamook County

Marianne O'Neil-Tutor
Program Supervisor, Mental Heath and Addiction Association of Oregon

Maria Morales
Stay at home mom

Maria G. Zaragosa
Office Manager

Marie Bayus

Marie Kennedy
Sys Admin / Oregon Trail SD

Marie Wakefield

Mark Gamba
Mayor of Milwaukie

Mark McLoughlin
Teacher, Neahkahnie High School, Tillamook County

Mark Zinniker
Generation Engineering Supervisor/Eugene Water & Electric Board

Martha Paige

Mary Hutchings

Maryjo Beeghly

Mary Therese Nolan
Former Oregon House Majority Leader

Mary Rogan

Mary Zellharie
Social Activist

Matthew Ellis
District Attorney-Elect, Wasco County

Matthew Sheean

Matthew McCullough
Addictions Treatment Counselor

Matt Rowe
Coquille City Council

Matt Chorpenning
Instructor - School of Social Work, Portland State University

Marielle Evangelista
Substance Use & Mental Health Counselor

Mark Koritz

Marva Midkiff

Mary Rexford

Max Headley
Professional Cook

Maxine Latterell
Student Representative, Portland Public School Board

McCall Delaney

Meesha Blair
National Alliance on Mental Illness

Melian Kiyak-Boughton

Melinda Larson
Professor of Education, Linfield University

Megan Bomberger
Patient Care Coordinator, Hometown Dental

Megan Chen
Occupational Therapist, Legacy Health System

Megan King

Megan Knox
Planner, Akana

Meggie Wright
OER Librarian, Lane Community College

Meghan Berberet
Foster Parent

Melissa Crosby
Instructor, Mount Hood Community College

Melissa Parsons

Melissa Raleigh
Financial Analyst, Pape Group

Melissa Schatz
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Melody Chow
PSU Student

Merrill Ward

Mia Burch
Nehalem Elementray School

Michelle Arizmendi-Frias
Elementary Teacher OCSD

Michelle Chang

Michael Dehn
Medical Student

Michael Gilbert
Epidemiologist, National Expert on Drug Use

Michael Goren

Michael Hanna
AFSCME Local 88

Michael Murray

Michael Ralls
Director of Social Services, No. Clackamas School District

Michael Rosen
Retired Portland Public School Board Director

Michael Simpson

Michael Smith

Michael Zhang
Rural Expungement Project

Michalle Gleason

Michelle Bartov
Attorney, LaGrande

Michelle DePass
Portland Public School Member

Miguel Cobian
Board Member, Human Rights Campaign

Mike Farrell
Instructor, Clackamas Community College

Mike Goren
Developer, Epicodus

Mike Mangiaruca

Mike Schmidt
Multnomah County District Attorney

Mike Verbout
Retired Portland Public Schools Principal

Mike White

Miles Fletcher
Medical Student, OHSU

Milli Chennell
Operations Research Analyst, BPA

Mitchell Weiss

Mitzi Bauer
North Clackamas School Board Member

Monica Yellow Owl
Certified Prevention Specialist

Monica Zeigler
Elementary Special Educator, Newport

Monique Gamgle
Business Office Manager, Marquis

Monse Alegria
Program Coordinator,
Southern Oregon Latinx Programs

Monta Knudson
Executive Director, Bridges to Change

Morgan Godvin
Veteran, In Recovery

Morgan Pace

Nader Absood
General Manager at IND, LLC

Nancy Bestor
Business Owner

Nancy Carl
Retired Teacher

Nancy Cox
Basic Rights Oregon

Nancy Hamilton
Oregon Business for Climate

Nancy Haque
Basic Rights Oregon

Naomi Sheff
OHSU Student Nurse

Natalia Rentsch
Student at Santa Clara

Natalie Lockwood
Contracts Manager, JPL

Natalie Van Leekwijck

Natasha Stevens
Small Business Owner, Manzanita

Nate Macy
Pastor, Yamhill County

Nathan Beeghly

Nathaniel Peterson
Painter, Columbia ptg

Nawwal Moustafa
Director of Middle School Programs, Open School

Neil Franklin
(retired) Police Major,
Executive Director of Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Nellie Trenga-Schein
Medical Student, OHSU

Nicki Dardinger
Development and Communications Manager, Outside In

Nicole Connelly

Nina French
Unemployed, Washington State Department of Health Whistleblower

Nina Solis
Mom, Medford

Nina Sparr
Social Worker

Noah G.

Nora C. Polk

Nova Newcomer
Executive Director, Friends of Baseball

Nova Sweet

Olivia Bowman
Social Media Coordinator

Olivia Harmon
OSU Student

Ofelia Lopez
Home School Consultant Migrant Education,
Southern Oregon Education Service District

Ofelio Resendiz Jr

Pam Christy

Pamela Huntington
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Pamela Yates

Paul DeStefano

Paul Steigleder
Retired Sheriff’s Deputy, Watch Commander

Paul Voas

Patricia Bradley

Patricia Dexter
Student Lane Community College

Patrick Brown
Co-Founder of Addiction Informed Care Student Advocacy Group

Patrick Cate
Organizer, SEIU

Patrick Lakeman
Connect Manager, Portland Rescue Mission

Patrick McElligott

Patrick Poggi
Financial Counselor

Patty Katz
In Recovery, Co-founder, Hands Across the Bridge

Paul Schramm
Aftercare Director

Penny Okamoto
Executive Director, Ceasefire Oregon

Peter Addy

Peter Corrado

Peter Buckley
Southern Oregon Success Org,
Former State Representative

Peyton R.

Phil Studenberg
Attorney, Klamath Falls

Philip Strait
Environmental Specialist

Peter Harrell

Phillip Treisman
Agricultural Researcher, Oregon State University

Phyllis Yes

Promise King
Executive Director League of Minority Voters

Rabbi Debra Kolodny
Portland's UnShul/As the Spirit Moves Us

Rabbi Michael Cahana
Temple Beth Israel

Rachael Duke
Executive Director, CPAH-Community Partnership for Affordable Housing

Rachel Duncan
Teacher, Central 13J School

Rachel Gibbons
User Experience Designer

Rachel Hedrickson
Resident Services, Impact NW

Rachel Nelson
Director of Educational Initiatives & Intergroup Outreach, Jewish Federation

Rachel Seidelman, RN

Rachel Sherwin

Randall Koch
Independent Artist, Retired

Randall Nerwick

Randall Webb

Dr. Ray Stangeland
M.D., Board Certified Emergency Physician

Rebecca Arredondo
Family Advocate, Willamina School District

Rebecca Clark

Rebecca McBride
Nurse Practitioner

Rebecca Swain

Rene Bowar
Sonic Car Hop

Rene Lowell
Mazama Student Center, Nurse Practitioner, Klamath Falls

Renee Angel
Journeyman Carpenter, Interior Exterior Systems

Renee Yandel
Director, HIV Alliance - Central and Southern Oregon

Rev. Dr. J. W. Matt Hennessee
Senior Servant, Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, Portland

Revi Shohet

Rev. M. Lynne Smouse López
Ainsworth United Church of Christ

Reverend Dr. W. J. Mark Knutson
Senior Pastor Augustana Lutheran Church

Rev. Theresa "Rivka" Gevurtz
Interfaith Minister, Shelter for the Spirit, Gresham

Reyna Lopez
Executive Director, PCUN

Rian Leonard
Accounts Receivable, Opus Agency

Richelle Van Dusen
Teacher, Escuela Viva

Rich Rohde
Retired Oregon Action

Richard Harris
Founder, Central City Concern & Director, Mental Health and Addiction for the State of Oregon (retired)

Richard Schaeff
Richard Schaeff Consulting

Richard Soenneker
Electrical Engineer

Richard Kiyak-Boughton
Owner Tradewinds

Rick McDonough

Rico Perez
Chair of the Board of Directors, Community Alliance of Lane County

Riley Brooks

Riley Williams
EMT, Rogue Valley

Rhiannon Cates
Library Technician, Portland State University

Robert Edward Brown

Robin Hopkins
Claims Investigator

Robin Plies

Robin Ye

Rob Schulberg
Product Marketer, Portland General Electric

Rob Nosse
Oregon State Representative

Robyn Spear
Recovery Advocate. Awakenings By The Sea

Rosa Cazares
Business Owner

Rose Kuhnae
Recovery Peer

Rose Wilde

Ross Cohen

Roy Moore
Healing Hurt People; Men Building Men

Roy Kaufmann

Roxanne Olsson

Rubi Sullivan

Ruby Taylor

Rusty Bonham
Registered Nurse

Ruth Adkins
Former Portland Public Schools Board Member

Ruth Cortez
Hairstylist at Wildroot Salon

Russell Chamberlain
Owner, Therapist. LCSW, CADCIII, LifeSTREAM Therapy LLC & Energy Matters

Ryan Brown

Ryan Dewey
Retail Business Owner, Cannon Beach

Sadie Kasiah
Community Development Manager

Sahaan McKelvey
Director of Restoration and Identification, Self Enhancement, Inc.

Sally Joughin
Activist for Criminal Justice Reform

Sam Adams
Former Mayor, City of Portland

Samantha Olson
Speech Language Pathologist

Samantha Bevington

Sam Callero

Sam Downey
Forest Grove

Samuel Clarke

Sandra Diesel

Sandra Kay Joos

Sarah Barnard
State of Oregon

Sara Fitchett
Retail Business Owner, Albany

Sarah Allan
Music Teacher, Tigard-Tualatin School District

Sarah Armstrong
ACLU Oregon

Sarah Duff
Owner, Duff Johnson Consulting

Sarah Evans
Salem Resident

Sarah Kolb
Recovery Peer, Medford

Sarah Owens
MS4, Oregon Health & Science University

Sasha Kosek
Chemical Engineer, Eugene

Scott Perry
Superintendent, Southern Oregon Education Service District (Retired)

Sean Garland
Sherwood City Council

Sean Suib
Executive Director, New Avenues for Youth

Serena Cruz
former Multnomah County Commissioner

Sergeant Pete Tutmark
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (retired)

Sergio Guitierrez
Addiction Counselor, Polk County Addiction Services

Siddarth Pai

Sigrid Shafer

Simone Prather
Medical Student, OHSU

Shanice Clarke
Director of Community Engagement, Portland Public Schools

Shalla Mitchell

Shannon Olive
Executive Director, WomenFirst Transition & Referral Center

Sheilagh Diez

Sheherazade Weyland

Shelly Mendonza

Sherry Lynn Genauer

Sonja Freeman
Peer Recovery Mentor, The Miracles Club

Sophie Adler

Sophia Meneakis
Volunteer and Student

Sophie O'Neill

Sophie Swirczynski

Stefanie De Gruyter

Stephanie Hemstead
High School Health Teacher, Oregon Youth Challenge High School

Stephanie La Pierre
Program Officer, Ashland

Spencer Kenley

Stephen Cassell
Self-employed, publicist

Stephen Chee Shan Chang
Multnomah County Emergency Management

Steve Barnes

Steve Brennan

Steve Joughin

Steve Lowell
Klamath County School Board, small businessperson

Steve Naganuma
Teacher, Benson Polytechnic High School

Steve Rosonke
Addiction Medicine Physician

Steve Rudman
Executive Director, Home Forward (retired)

Steven Eggert
Central Oregon Veteran Recovery Ranch

Steve Weiss

Susan Mandiberg
Professor of Law

Suzanne Scarbooro
Teacher, McMinnville School District

Tabitha Quattlebaum

Talia Giardini

Talia Simon

Talib Pierson

Talya Kaltman-Kron

Talya McNassar
Multnomah County Corrections Health

Tasha Vogtman

Taylor Ripley
Front End Manager/Shop ‘N Kart

Telia Anderson
Addiction Peer Professionals Trainer

Teresa Alonso León
Oregon State Representative, Woodburn

Terra Marzano
LCSW, Rinehart Clinic

Terri Steenbergen
Executive Director, Harbor Astoria Women’s Resource Center, Clatsop County

Terry Myers
formerly with Community Justice Coalition, CODA

Thais Kelly

Telma Setti

Thomas Brown

Tim Jeffries

Timothy Wildgoose
Filmmaker, Rama Images, Inc.

Titan Marval
Peer support Specialist, Josephine County

Tim Nesbitt

Todd Phillips
Farmer Phoenix Flora

Tom DeJardin
Executive Director, Mt. Scott Learning Center

Tom Imeson
Business Leader

Tony Lai
Licensed Professional Counselor

Tony Mann
Superintendent, Molalla River School District

Torvald Paasche

Tracy Heart
Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Trent Gay
Team Lead Employment

Trish Smith
Retired LCSW Social Worker

Trisha Ten Broeke

Trisha Todd
Teacher, Grant High School

Ty Brack

Tyler Swift
Project Manager, Multnomah County Health Department

Unity Mason
La Clínica, Rogue Valley

Vania Lucio-Mancilla
Organizer, Unite Oregon

Vahid Brown
Advocate for people experiencing homelessness

Valdez Bravo
Healthcare Administrator, Department of Veterans Affairs

Veronika Letaw

Vicky Plagmann

Victoria Bencomo
Southern Oregon Education Services District

Victor Reppeto
Consumer and Advocate for Families and Children who are consumers

Violet Young

Virginia Camberos
Unite, Rogue Valley

Virginia Connell
Nurse Educator and Trauma RN

Virginia Landgreen

Vivia Chi
Medical Student

Vivian Connolly

Wendy Katz

Wesley Beablossom
Distiller - Wolf Spirit Distillery

Whitney Morgan

Whitney Zeigler
Owner, Big Rocks Organizing LLC

Watt Childress
Business Owner, Cannon Beach

Will Hamel
Resource Specialist, 211info

William Krause
Retired Green Force Bud Trimmer, Caregiver, Grower

Wilma Ingram

Ximena Levander
MD, Addiction Medicine Physician & Researcher

Yola Hesser

Yosef Trachtenberg
Freelance Editor

Yvonne Cox

Zaira Sanchez

Zavi Borja
Latino Outdoors Central Oregon

Zenia Liebman

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