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Initiative Petition 44

People suffering from addiction need help, not criminal punishments. The Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act, or IP 44, is a citizen initiative that Oregonians will vote on in November. The idea is straightforward: Instead of arresting and jailing people for drugs, we would begin using some existing marijuana tax money to pay for expanded addiction and recovery services, including supportive housing, to help people get their lives back on track.

This ballot measure doesn’t legalize any drugs. Rather, it removes criminal penalties for small amounts of personal possession of drugs and directs people to drug treatment and recovery services.

Let’s save lives, not ruin them

Right now, Oregon is facing an addiction crisis that is not only destroying lives but also fueling many of our state’s most pressing problems, such as homelessness and poverty. Oregon ranks last in the country in access to drug addiction treatment for those who need it. The waitlists to get drug treatment can be too long, and in some rural counties, there is practically no treatment at all. But instead of providing people with the treatment they need, Oregon has recently cut it, reducing general fund money for drug addiction treatment by 89%. We need to do something soon. Every day we wait, more Oregonians need treatment and some die from overdose.

A more humane, effective approach

IP 44 changes Oregon’s approach to drugs so more people get help, not arrested. The initiative does this by expanding access to treatment and recovery services, so anyone who wants help can get it. IP44 also shifts away from punishing people who are suffering from addiction by removing criminal penalties for low-level possession of all drugs, while incentivizing people to get treatment. IP 44 does not create new taxes: it’s paid for with revenue from Oregon’s existing marijuana tax.

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